What is a Possibles Bag, and why should I carry one?

One of the things that you will find you really need to do for your hike is to be organized. Even if you live your life off the trail as a disorganized hoarder, on the trail you will have no energy at the end of the day to dig through loose items in your pack bag to try to locate that hand sanitizer, or even worse that moleskin that you know must be in there somewhere.

A Possibles Bag is a small stuff sack to help you stay organized on the trail.  Here's what mine looks like:

This bag is not large, maybe 6x9 inches, and holds things like Vitamin I (Ibuprofen), mole skin, bandaids, a little medical tape wrapped around a pencil, antacids, decongestant, nail clippers, chafing powder, bag balm, flint and steel fire starter, etc. 

All the little things that you don't use every day, but you don't want to lose in that big bag hanging on your back, go in this little stuff sack.

Everything that went into my backpack was well contained.

Sleeping bag, pad, tent - all in their own stuff sacks.

Cooking Kit - stove, lighter, pot, spoon, toothbrush, tooth powder - all inside the pan stuff sack, inside the pot cozy.

Camp clothes - in a waterproof stuff sack

Food - in a food stuff sack

Fuel, water filter - all in the outside pocket. No fuel spills inside my pack.

Toilet paper with hand sanitizer packet, inside their own ziplock bag - in my top pouch on my pack.

Nothing was loose in my backpack - and that included all the little things in my Possibles Bag.

Put one of these together for your next hike, and you won't be sorry.