Take a Hike! A long walk on the Appalachian Trail will retail in eBook format for $8.99

As a Special Celebration for the release of the book, I'm going to run the following promotion:

Pre-Orders are on sale now for $0.99 at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play and Nook. 

GO LIVE dates are now as follows for the eBook:

Once the book has been released on all platforms, the clock will start ticking.  The eBook will stay at the $0.99 price for only two weeks. To know exactly when this happens, be sure to join my Reader List. I'll send out an announcement when this is ready to go.

Once the two weeks are over, the eBook will go back up to it's retail price of $8.99.

What I ask in return for letting you know about the $0.99 sale is that you post an honest review on the eBook site where you downloaded the book. This will help me with sales, and hopefully convince others that my book is worth reading. Feel free to tell anyone else you know about the release special price as well.

The PRINT book should be live about the same time at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace, however it will not be on sale as my price control for the print book is not as flexible as the eBook.